Day Six

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Day Six – How we had the last laugh

Welcome to day six!

Thanks so much for coming with me on this journey.

Here are the final two tracks, ‘Smoke’ and ‘Reprise’ and finally the end of the story…

How we had the last laugh 🔥🔥🔥

This track started with a looped bit of vocal from an old track (Can’t really say which one). It’s more of a pad or texture than a vocal. I’m really happy with the blend of ‘real’ and synthesised sounds in this one. 🙂

This is really a homage to Ils, one of the great breaks artists, and particularly to his album ‘Sole Trader’ which is an all-time classic.

Much more of a use of sampled drum breaks and sounds in this one that the drum-machine heavy approach typical of most dance tracks.

Downloads here:

Smoke WAV

Smoke MP3

Smoke YouTube

Reprise WAV

Reprise MP3

Reprise YouTube

Ok that’s it!

Thanks so much for coming on this journey with me.

If you’d like a memento check your inbox for a special offer tomorrow. 🙂

Another Mad-Tek shot – again probably about 15 years ago 🙂