Day Three

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Day Three – All time favourites

Welcome to day three!

You know those tracks that just change everything?

Today I’d like to share a tune that did that for me and one I made inspired by it.

Hope you enjoy it!

Please let me know 1-2 of your all-time favourites at the bottom 🙂


So here’s the track ‘Long Road’. What do you think about originality? Have I just copied a great tune? Or is it valid to have a strong influence?

My take on it is that basically, there are no rules, and that part of an artists journey is copying what inspires them to some degree.

Where do we draw the line between being influenced and just biting someone else’s work?

As I said in the intro video this track came together quite quickly and features my brother Frank. It was a great idea of his to put a vocal on it and just shows how cool collaboration can be 🙂

Here are today’s two tracks for you to download as WAV or MP3 or stream on Spotify (don’t forget to save)

Long Road WAV

Long Road MP3

Long Road YouTube

Touchdown WAV

Touchdown MP3

Touchdown YouTube

Ok, I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed everything today.

Tomorrow I’ll give you the next instalment of my rave story, being escorted by a policeman to the main copshop in town and a bag of weed in my boot…

Picture from the squat next door to ours…