Day Four

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Day Four – Caught by the fuzz?

Welcome to day four!

Ok here’s the next instalment of the story and two more tracks from the album – Rembrandt and Marilyn

Hope you enjoy it!

Rave story part 2

This track was born from watching a great YouTube vid by Ned Rush which showed how to get some nice effects on your drums in a semi-random (but controlled) way.

Having made a beat the rest of the tune came quite quickly. I find I quite often make tunes in pairs, this is the pair to Repeater, can you see the connection?

This track is another pair, this time to El Medano, made just after and in a similar way. For me it’s got an epic, blissful vibe, perfect to lose yourself to on the dance floor. Could you see yourself dancing to this?

‘Downloads, downloads, get ya downloads here!’ (or just stream on Spotify)

Rembrandt WAV

Rembrandt MP3

Rembrandt YouTube

Marilyn WAV

Marilyn MP3

Marilyn YouTube

Ok, please tell me some of your stories if you haven’t already.

Join me tomorrow for possibly my favourite track on the album, with a stunning vocal…

Me and my partner in crime back in the day (we produced and performed as ‘Mad-Tek’ 😉