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Gyu - Ableton Tutor

How does it work?

We arrange a convenient time and then I usually ask you to send me the project of a track you are working on (Ableton Live only).
We then have a video call and I open your project and share my screen so you can see exactly what I’m doing. I have software that means I can share the sound directly so you get high quality audio - NOT the audio coming through my webcam mic. I can also record the session for you to refer to later.
After the session I send you the recording and the edited project so you can work on it in your own time. If you like I can give you ‘homework’ tasks to do.

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Why have Ableton Coaching sessions with me?

You can learn so much for free online, but you can't be sure exactly what you need to work on in order to get your tracks to the next level.

Also you might have specific questions which I can answer straight away, you might find the answer on YouTube but it's going to take much longer and it isn't guaranteed.

I can quickly assess where you're at and exactly what it is that you need to do in order to get the result you want - amazing music!

Examples of things we might work on:

  • Taking and idea to completion - turning a short loop into a finished track
  • Sound design - manipulating samples and/or using synths to get the perfect sounds for you track.
  • Mixing - making sure none of the sounds are fighting for space in the mix and that it all sounds great (like the tracks you love)
  • Using effects and processing effectively to improve your mix
  • Sound selection - making sure you start with the right sound will save so much time as opposed to trying to make a mediocre sound work
  • Drum programming - learning to sequence drums and how to make the come alive and really move people on the dance floor

Testimonial - DJ Paul Thompson (Melt Music)

I've been working with Paul for about 6 months now. He's made great progress in his production skills. Here he is talking about what he gets out of our coaching sessions.

Gyu - Ableton Tutor

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