Day Two

day one

Day Two – The story begins…

Welcome to day two!


Today I want to share a story about one of the best warehouse parties of my life 🙂

It started off with a party getting shut down, and me being escorted to Bristol’s main police station by a policeman with impounded speakers on the back seat and an ounce of weed in the boot…

Here’s the first part of the story, shot as I drove down to Bristol from where I now live, just up the road in Stroud

The music is one of todays tracks – Repeater

As I said in the video above, this track came out of jamming on my Ableton Push – starting off with an arpeggio sound which formed the basis of the track.

For the second drop I used the almighty ‘Apache’ break, chopped and filtered to fit in with the track and add energy.

Here I’m going for a deep moody vibe – creating an eerie sound-world for the dancefloor. Is that what you get from it? 

I actually started the next track ‘Sentience’ in 2010. I liked everything about it except for the drums! I tried to improve them several times but to no avail, but when I dug it out in 2017 I managed to get some drums I was happy with.

For me it’s a chilled, contemplative track, good for relaxing on a warm summer’s evening. When would you put it on?

Here’s the original track followed by the proper, finished version, just to give you an idea of the difference.

What do you think?

For me I just couldn’t get on with the track as it was before, but it’s a classic producer thing to focus on things that maybe most listeners wouldn’t even notice!

Repeater WAV

Repeater MP3

Repeater YouTube

Sentience WAV

Sentience MP3

Sentience YouTube

Ok, I can wait to hear your thoughts.

Join me tomorrow for the next two tracks from the album and I’ll talk about possibly my favourite track of all time…

This is Langley Homelectrics, the squat where we lived at the time of this story 🙂