Day Five - The voice that blew me away

Welcome to day five!

Ok I’m really happy to share today’s tracks ‘Wonder’ and Glint’ and talk about another of my all-time favourite tunes – ‘Teardrop’ by the mighty Massive Attack


Why 'Teardop' means so much to me

Ok here’s the full version of Wonder 🙂

Glint is another tune from a while back. It all started with the pad sound that plays at the beginning, using the soft-synth Zebra 2. The finishing touches were the acoustic guitar parts which I added. Tbh there’s some influence from the Leftfield track ‘Melt’.

D to the download links here:

I’d love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Join me tomorrow for the final instalment of my rave story…

Me having it large in my old-man jumper in the early 2000s!