Get Unstuck 1 ab

Hi and welcome!

In this video we’ll take the first step in breaking out of the 4 bar loop – extending the loops we have

Tip 1 – Try Not To Be A Perfectionist

I strongly feel that what starting out, it’s much better to finish tunes than for them to the greatest thing ever. As the saying goes ‘Half-ass is better than no-ass’.

Often we need to finish a load of less-than-perfect tracks to start making ones we’re really happy with.

If we never finish tracks because we don’t think they are good enough, we’ll never make really good tracks.

As an example, here’s the first track I ever made with a computer.

Pretty bad right?

And here’s a link to my more recent tunes on Spotify

They might not be your cup of tea, but there’s definitely an improvement.

So don’t worry too much, just try to have fun with it and you’ll naturally get better and better 🙂