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Hi, I'm Guy and I've been making music since 2002.

In that time I've had a number of releases, djed internationally and had 3 sample packs released by Loopmasters. Recently I've been working in the sync licensing business and have albums out for Evolution Media Music and Lightsong Production Music.

When producing I primarily use Ableton Live and I've also created a 100% hardware live rig on which I perform my own original material.

This means I know how to use both hardware and software to get the results I want and that I can help you do the same.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is one of the most popular software packages for making electronic music.

I've used it since version 4 so I know it extremely well and can help you use it to get the results you want, from arranging tracks, automation, sampling and synthesis to mixing and mastering.

Hardware synths, samplers and sequencers

I've also created a live setup using 100% hardware (no computer in sight). This is based around my Roland MX-1 Mixer and includes Roland TR8S, MC707 and SH01a plus a Toraiz SP-16 sampler and a Kaoss Pad.

It can be really tricky connecting and working with hardware so if you need help with anything I'm confident I'll be able to sort it.

Book a free 20min trial session now

In this video I'm working with a student to try to recreate a bassline sample using the Ableton Analog synth.

It's a basic introduction to synth oscillators and envelopes.

Of course the beauty of 1-1 lessons is that we can focus on exactly what you need. so each lesson is tailor-made for you.