Track Release – Cabasa

A little while back I was approached by Naasko to do a track for a compilation he was compiling on Interchill records based in Canada.

I sent a couple of things over and he chose Cabasa, a deep dubstep track with acoustic, shuffling drums and chimey lead sounds.

This was then featured on the FatKidonFire blog who wrote

“A humble and soothing atmosphere swirls freely around the longevity of wild drum hits that float above a throbbed, matured low-end pattern. Long strings are glued together with mellowed-out pads, instantly making Gyu’s production the pre-fix for an expressive summer breeze. The track’s main synths are carefully modulated through low-frequency oscillators, adding twists and turns to the texture of ‘Cabasa’. A well-placed shaker coincides with the steady rhythms inside, ultimately triggering a jazzy sensation that simply is one of a kind…”

The compilation is called Subtextures, and I’m very proud to feature among such a talented bunch of producers.

If you’re interested, I made a short video explaining how the track was made 🙂

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