Elevate Your Tracks with this Exclusive FX Sample Pack

Crafted to perfection, these 50 unique sounds will help you unleash your creative potential and put the final touches to your tracks

Just  £10(+VAT in UK and EU)

  • Fed up with half-finished tracks clogging up your hard drive?

    • I know that feeling well so I  meticulously crafted these samples to help you get your tracks over the finish line. 
  • Only available here!

    • Say goodbye to using the same sounds as everyone else. Unlike packs from big-name sites like Loopcloud or Splice, my FX Sample Pack offers a collection of exclusive sounds that are only available here, so the vast majority of producers won't have access to them.
  • Unbeatable Value

    • High-quality sounds don't have to break the bank. For the price of a few coffees, you can have these bespoke sounds to finalise your productions with the professional touch they deserve.