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Thank you so much for supporting me by for ordering my album. This really means the world to me and brings my dream of being a full-time musician that little bit closer 🙂

I’d like to thank you by offering a special “fans only” box set including ALL of my precious releases on labels such as Urban Scrumping, Drawn and Digital Distortions as well as some special remixes I’ve done for artists such as Phaeleh, Para, Kloudbreak and Sclist. This would normally cost at least £30 but I’d like to offer it to you for only £10. This includes 36 of my best tracks and remixes and means that you will own my whole discography. This will be your only chance to get all this music for this price.

As most of these tracks are from previous releases they include my very best work, the things I’m most proud of, such as my 8 track EP on Urban Scrumping – ‘Purified’

Here’s what you’ll get inside the “Fans Only” digital box set

  • Purified EP (8 tracks)
  • Cerebral EP (3 tracks)
  • Supreme Being EP (3 tracks)
  • Juice/Unseen (2 tracks)
  • Submerge EP (3 tracks)
  • Light Effect (1 track)
  • Ill-Shaped EP (4 tracks)
  • Rorschach EP (5 tracks)
  • Bridge EP (2 tracks)
  • Remixes EP (5 tracks)

This is your only chance to get 36 of my very best tracks for only £10, to order simply click the order button below and the digital download links will be sent to your inbox in just a few moments.

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