Caught by the fuzz

Caught by the fuzz

So I’m sitting in my car with a police officer in the passenger seat, on our way to the main Police Station in Bristol. I’m not so worried about the speakers and equipment, but the ounce of weed in my boot is giving me some cause for concern. All the officer beside me has to do is ask me to open my boot and that’s it…

I was involved with the Dissident sound system at the time. Most of us lived together in a squat in Bristol and we’d all dj at parties we put on in disused warehouses. It was great, the parties had a feeling of freedom and independence to them. This was our thing, our music in a venue we’d found playing on speakers that we’d made ourselves. (Not me personally, but Alex and Dave, Dave has gone on to develop the Minirig)

The only slight hitch was the police. Basically if the party got going before the police arrived there wasn’t much they could do to stop it, although if they got there early they could stop people getting in and that would be the end of that. It was a game of cat and mouse which took place every weekend.

I’ve had a few goals through the years with music, learning to mix records, to make a great mixtape and to make my own tunes. At that time I was burning to play one of my own tunes at a rave and for it to sound good and go down well with the crowd.

So, one week we were setting up for a party. It was in a big warehouse and there were a few sound systems there. The police turned up and after a bit of a scuffle getting in the stopped the party before it had started and impounded the all equipment there. My car was inside the warehouse as I’d used it to bring some speakers in. As the equipment was impounded I was instructed to transport the speakers I had in my car to the main Police station in Bristol, accompanied by a Police officer to ensure I did this.

So we got to the station and parked up. The stars must have been in alignment because we unloaded the speakers and that was it. I quickly changed my underwear and headed home.

My friends had not been idle during this time. It turned out that they’d found another venue for the party, just a few hundred yards from the other one. The icing on the cake was the fact that it was an old police building! There was something immensely satisfying about that fact after all the hassle we’d endured from the law that night.

So I get into this other warehouse at about 6 in the morning, with the sun coming up and manage to get on the decks. (Not always an easy task – ask any dj)

So I had this tune ‘In the Area’. It sounds crap now but at the time I was really proud of it. It was the closest I’d come to producing the kind of sounds I was into. Anyway, god bless the Bristol ravers because they absolutely loved it.


  1. Sophie 1 year ago

    Love this story
    Reminds me of the exodus days in Luton . Setting up speakers and sound systems with the front liners keeping police at bay while we partied to good tunes x

    • Author
      Gyu 1 year ago

      Nice, I made it to one Exodus rave. Actually my mate Tony was involved with them for a bit 🙂

  2. Anastasia FFORDE 1 year ago

    This is cool Guy!

    • Author
      Gyu 1 year ago


  3. Stevie Gee 1 year ago

    Great Story! Old police building. Love it!
    Was this before The public order act and “the emission of a succession of repetitive beats” was outlawed? Hee hee.

    • Author
      Gyu 1 year ago

      Yeah, it did feel pretty good! 🙂
      This would have been in the early 2000’s – not quite sure when that legislation was brought in…
      Nice one Steve, cheers for the reply

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