My Take on: Breaks

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Breaks (aka Nu Skool Breaks) – the awkward, unfashionable older brother of Big Beat or a brief explosion of musical inspiration that never quite found it’s true potential? What do you think when you hear the word ‘Breaks’? For me it’s a memory of a mini golden age of dance music, although, when I look […]

Merry Christmas! A little gift

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Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s a small gift, a tune I made a while back using a Mobb Deep accapella. It’s a bit rough and ready but I still like it. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 (To download click the title)

New track – ‘Gods’ – Live mix

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Here’s a little live mix I did of a house track I made – ‘Gods’ I’d love to know what you think!

Track Release – Cabasa

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A little while back I was approached by Naasko to do a track for a compilation he was compiling on Interchill records based in Canada. I sent a couple of things over and he chose Cabasa, a deep dubstep track with acoustic, shuffling drums and chimey lead sounds. This was then featured on the FatKidonFire blog who […]

Caught by the fuzz

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So I’m sitting in my car with a police officer in the passenger seat, on our way to the main Police Station in Bristol. I’m not so worried about the speakers and equipment, but the ounce of weed in my boot is giving me some cause for concern. All the officer beside me has to […]

Lost in music…

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Darkened rooms, throbbing bass, flashing lights and smoke…. It took me some years to get into the rave/club scene. When it started I found it quite intimidating. People at school used to go to illegal raves (this was in the early to mid 90’s) and do pills but I never went. Instead I spent my […]